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In her late teenage years Tracey Rhodes was an active member of a local amateur theatre company called Furze Theatre in Willenhall. She appeared in many productions, comedies and pantomimes alike. Completing her thespian experiences as a member of Stourbridge Pantomime Company. She has many fond memories of these years and always yearned to revisit her acting days. Tracey devoted her time to motherhood from 1996.

When her daughter was 6 years old, Tracey felt that this was her time to seek a local acting group that she could join and begin treading the boards again. Also, at this time she was approached by a family friend to do a short comedy spot at his mom's 80th birthday party in a care home. She agreed to do this but took it a step further and decided to do it in a character. Tracey scoured the charity shops, purchased the infamous purple hat she still wears today, an old fashioned dress and cardigan, together with old style national health spectacles. She worked on a 20 minute set, using old gags and adapting them to suit the character. Her spot went down a storm, hence the birth of 'Our Trace.' The experience was so uplifting for both Tracey and her husband Terry, they decided that stand-up comedy was the way forward as opposed to amateur dramatics. In 2000 our Trace took part in South Staffs Entertainment Council 'showcase' at Cheslyn Hay Working Men’s Club. She did a 30 minute audition in front of a packed audience including potential bookers.

Our Trace Reality TV star

The Funny Women in the Posh Frock

She never looked back. Our Trace was introduced to Club land and went from strength to strength. Over the years she received fabulous publicity from the Express and Star newspaper, Local Radio and ITV2/BBC 1 television. This Wolverhampton Mum began receiving accolades and awards for best comic act from various entertainment councils throughout the following years.

Performing at all types of venues, at all types of occasions sometimes with famous faces i.e. Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock, Stevie Bull, Barry Fry and Frank Carson. Remaining humbled and always keeping her day job, Tracey took her comedy career in her stride. Our Trace today has gained so much confidence over the past 18 years, the Guinness guzzling, larger than life, northern character does not take any prisoners. She is loved for her raw humour and lack of boundaries. At the end of January this year, Our Trace performed as part of a show at a club in Birmingham.

A member of the audience videoed her act live. The man asked if he could put the live stream recording onto his Facebook page - of which he did. To date in excess of over 2.2 million people worldwide have watched the video. Over 10,000 people have commented on it and it has been shared to others over 46,000 times. Also, as a result of this, Britain’s Got Talent wanted Our Trace to attend auditions in Manchester, after negotiations, they missed the deadline required, so for this year at least, 'the panel' will not suffer the wrath of Our Trace.